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This is a twelve-unit training series, developed to provide the training, education, and skills needed to become a "Treatment Foster Parent".  As a training participant, you learn the skills needed to effectively nurture, support and redirect the youth placed in your home. Experienced Foster Parent Trainers provide a curriculum which is based on Professional Parenting, Trauma-Informed Care, Conflict Resolution, and Crisis Intervention.   The training follows the Pressley Ridge curriculum and will:


  • Review and explain the expectations of “Professional Parents”

  • Explore the roles of all treatment team members​

  • Reinforce "core" positive parenting skills and provide a “parenting tool kit” to respond to challenging behaviors

  • Focus on self-awareness and self-management to help all parents be mindful of their own attitudes and behavior as they seek to help youth with theirs

  • Emphasize the importance of forming deep meaningful, trusting relationships with the youth; provide tips and techniques for building attachments

  • Build the ability to empathize to accurately read and respond to a child's feelings

  • Review effective communication skills

  • Promote the understanding the nature of true 'discipline' as an internalized set of principles that guide behavior rather than as a set of external punishment procedures



After you are approved as treatment foster parents, you will attend training sessions to expand your resources and knowledge.


Monthly training may cover topics such as but not limited to:

  • Medication management

  • Mental health diagnoses

  • Communication skills

  • Behavior modification techniques


These are also great opportunities to interact with other foster families in your area!

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